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Reconnect With Rockers with Terrie Carr

WDHA's Reconnect With Rockers featuring Kenny Wayne Shepherd

In episode #44 of Reconnect our old pal Kenny Wayne Shepherd Zooms in with TC to talk about the bands new live CD and first ever DVD collection "Straight To ...

Catching up with Kenny Wayne Shepherd is always the BEST! A friend of WDHA since 1995, Kenny and his amazing band have a new CD/DVD release (first ever live DVD too) out now called “Straight To You Live” which is a feast for the eyes and the ears….it is amazing!

In episode #44 of “Reconnect” Kenny shares some great memories spanning his career, talk about the new collection, how Blue On Black changed his life  and he relives some amazing Eddie Van Halen memories.

Catching up with an old friend…. sometimes the best kind of “Reconnect”!

We WILL keep bringing you the rock-  TC