Let me start by saying I hope 2020 finishes for you and your family with no tragedy. It has been such a challenging year for all of us. I spent time with my pups, engaged with listeners on line, Zoomed over 40  Reconnect With Rockers webisodes and tried to get as many shelter pups adopted. All in all I consider myself fortunate. I also made it a point to check out  many new releases. Music is my life.

At first I thought “20 of my favorites?…..were their 20”? In looking back there were actually many more. So I threw in two extra!  In no particular order- I hope you will check a few out of these if you haven’t already- Rock is alive, well, strong and kicking ass! And it was a pleasure to have so many Zoom in for my Reconnect With Rockers series!

2020 has been a tough year for artists as well.  No tours, no fan engagement, releases on hold. Music and our artists feed our souls. If you can support with a download, sale or merchandise purchase please do. We need them and they need us.

Again, in no particular order! My Top 22 of 2020.

Pearl Jam –  Gigaton- Different sounds, textures- I get lost in this record-  – I’m addicted.

AC/DC- Power Up- They are back!! With a MONSTER release- YES!

Ozzy Osbourne- Ordinary Man- Big production, great songs and an Elton John cameo- Perfect.

Ellefson- No Cover- Solo release from Megadeth bassist that covers some amazing tunes with some awesome special guests and big style from vocalist Tom Hazaert. (On Reconnect this Year)

Black Stone Cherry- Human Condition- These guys never write a bad song- HC is their best release yet. Chris’s voice has soul on top of soul. (On Reconnect this year)

Alter Bridge- Walk The Sky- 2.0– Live Tracks and a new tune. Always brilliant from AB. (On Reconnect this year)

Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown- Pressure– My favorite new talent of the year. Tyler and his band are monsters. A future super star. (On Reconnect this year)

Black Moods- Sunshine- A power trio that write some of the coolest tunes. Love their sound and retro vibe. (On Reconnect this year)

Biffy Clyro- A Celebration of Endings- Mon The Bif! One of the best bands in rock! AMAZING! (On Reconnect this year)

Sevendust- Blood and Stone- Just what I needed in quarantine. A killer release from SD. (On Reconnect this year)

Seether- Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum- Heavy, heady and loud this is my fave from Seether yet. (On Reconnect this year)

Corey Taylor- CMFT- Soulful, Poppy, Heavy..familiar and fresh……what can’t Corey do? His first solo record doesn’t disappoint.

Bush- The Kingdom- I LOVE this one. Gavin’s songwriting is at it’s finest. A BIG rocker. So many hooks! (On Reconnect this year)

Bruce Springsteen- Letter To You – Some of Bruce’s finest writing to date. Simply beautiful. Love my Bruce….

Blue Oyster Cult- the Symbol Remains– The BOC signature sound RULES!. This record is full of it! A treasure for classic BOC fans. (On Reconnect this year)

Smith & Myers- Volumes 1 & 2 – Originals, covers. When Brent and Zakk get together the chemistry is mad. Good mad! (On Reconnect this year) 

Asking Alexandria – Like A House On Fire – These guys are one of my new favorite bands. Love their sound, passion and vibe. (On Reconnect this year) 

Deftones- Ohms – Headphones, lava lamp, wine…..all go perfectly with Ohms. Lay down and enjoy. (On Reconnect this year) 

Gardner-James- Synergy – Former Vixen Goddess Janet Gardner and her guitarist Justin James rock this one! Her voice and band are so on the top of their game. This was my jam all summer! (On Reconnect this year) 

Kenny Wayne ShepherdStraight To You Live– Kenny’s playing takes me somewhere else. When the band is live I never want to return. Get the DVD too.  (On Reconnect this year) 

Marilyn Manson- We Are Chaos- Best songwriting of Manson’s career and a Bowie twang- Love this one!

Theory Of A Deadman Say Nothing – An early favorite of the year, the songwriting is simply amazing. Ty’s voice so beautiful. (On Reconnect this year) 

2020 has been a hard year for artists as well. No tours, no in person fan engagement ….tough indeed. Music and our artists feed our souls. If you can support with a download, sale or merchandise purchase please do. We need them and they need us.

All the best in 2021. I can’t wait to see your faces again. And you can get loud as you stay safe!

Much love,

Terrie Carr

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