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Reconnect With Rockers with Terrie Carr

WDHA's Reconnect With Rockers featuring Wolfgang Van Halen

In episode #45 Terrie Zooms with Wolfgang Van Halen to talk about his band Mammoth WVF, their killer tune "Distance", their upcoming spring release, defining...

I was so happy to connect with Wolfgang Van Halen for episode 45 of “Reconnect”- His tune “DISTANCE” has been our most requested of 2020 and has connected with so many.

My intention in speaking with Wolf was not to rehash every Van Halen question he has already been asked, but to celebrate HIS talents which are so evident on Distance in which he plays every instrument and kills it on vocals and to find out about his Mammoth WVH project and when we can expect it. I know it is going to be amazing. What struck me most was what a grounded, humble guy he is. With two superstar parents, not only does his music connect but he does. Thanks for the chat Wolf. Much appreciated. Your dad is proud.

We WILL keep bringing you the rock!