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A few of my favorite (Bowie) things....TC

There is always a “Starman” waiting in my house! Most of you know I am a Bowie fanatic. And we celebrate the Thin White Duke in many rooms of the Carr house. Artwork, decor, my Bowie stress-free corner, heck, I even have a Bowie-inspired bathroom!

Happy Birthday David- 1/11/21 marks 5 years since you left us.

Here are just a “few ” of my favorite Bowie things from my mild obsession!

From top to bottom- Me in the Bowie bathroom, My Bowie corner,  My Bowie shower curtain and rug in the Bowie Boudoir, My pup Rosie enjoying the Bowie pillows, My Bowie personally signed lithograph, Artwork given to me by Scotty B,  Scarlet Carr with her Bowie pillow, Rosie wearing her Aladdin Sane shirt and of course, I saved the 8 tracks! (that one was my dad’s!) And of course, my pups paying tribute… An obsession…yeah…just a bit! Happy Birthday Ziggy!