Reconnect With Rockers with Terrie Carr

Hi friends!

Back with a second season of “Reconnect With Rockers” and episode #50! It’s hard to believe!

I’ve had a few requests from music fans to “Not forget the hard stuff TC” , so when I had the chance to connect with Matty McCloskey from Rev Theory I jumped at the chance. Formed in the early 200o’s the band has a rich history of not only a unique jam , but also having their music used by the WWE, NHL and more. Their anthemic and powerful sound will remain the same on their new release, however the band is doing a “re-band-rebrand” with Matt taking on lead vocals and an evolution in sonics as well. We cover all that  and more in this webisode.. and Matt was such a great guest. Their new tune “Remember Me” is amazing too!

New artists, new music. We will bring them to you! Thanks for watching.