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The worlds of Star Wars and Van Halen collide in this fan-created video showing a Jawa playing the iconic Eddie Van Halen solo “Eruption.”

Embedded below, creator Thomas J. Yagodinski notes in the video’s description on YouTube, “This was an extremely FUN way to pay respects to a musical Legend and to also challenge myself to recreate Eddie’s amazing solo, frame by frame via stop motion animation. Is it perfect? Of course not, that’s impossible and nothing ever is 🙂 The Jawa is a stop motion puppet I fabricated and the guitar is the 1:4 scale (16inch) Mini Guitar (#EVH-004) that I further customized.”

Yesterday (January 26) marked what would have been Eddie Van Halen’s 66th birthday. He died on October 6, 2020 following a long battle with cancer.


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