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Metallica has inspired countless tribute videos, but this might be the first one involving construction equipment.

Per CTA News, the Quebec-based construction firm Bertrand Ostiguy Inc. shared the video below of a synchronized “dance” between a number of backhoes set to the popular Metallica ballad “Nothing Else Matters.”

CTA News notes, “The routine was choreographed and shot by 14-year-old Julien Ares, whose uncle owns the company.” Ares was then quoted saying, “My uncle, he had this idea a long time ago. We did a Zoom for Christmas and the idea came… about doing some dancing excavators. We just laughed at this but we were thinking about it all night.”

The surprisingly moving performance can be seen below. Perhaps you can compare it to the performance by Team USA ice dancers Oona and Gage Brown who recently shared a routine also set to “Nothing Else Matters.”


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