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TC here hoping we can find a home for this awesome dog! Meet Bruce-  From the Denville Animal Shelter-  Bruce is about 18 months old he’s been neutered and vaccinated and is ready to find a great home! . Bruce is housebroken he loves to play, and is what we would call a Velcro dog as he wants to be with somebody all the time.

 Bruce is getting some basic training, seems to enjoy the company of other dogs and is still jumping a bit so a home without small children might be best based on his size and energy. Bruce is the sweetest guy. Right now he is being treated for a skin condition, but is doing great and enjoying time at the shelter where he has met a bunch of dogs and puppies and misses playing with them as they have all been adopted!   Hoping it’s his turn next! If you are interested in Bruce call the Denville Animal shelter at 973-983-7538 or Denville animal control at 973-627-4900 extension five- and check out their FB page too!

They are a great group and where I found my love Rosie Carr! Check out Bruce playing with the pups at the shelter- they have all been adopted and he is hoping it is his turn- what a great fella…… Opt To Adopt! TC

Elvira and Bruce having a great time playing with the puppies. Elvira will be going to her new home this weekend Bruce is having skin issues we are trying to get under control

Posted by Friends of the Denville Animal Shelter on Thursday, January 28, 2021