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Rock N’ Ruff loving friends, TC here and when I heard about this perfect pair I just had to feature them on RNR! My friend Sunny Nowell from the Randolph Regional Animal Shelter cals them “perfect pups” and they are best friends so we are trying to find them a great home where they can stay together- MEET CHARLIE AND VADER! Charlie & Vader are an unlikely but awesome dynamic duo of dogs. They were being given away for free on Facebook all the way from Atlantic City and after a long story they landed themselves at the Randolph Regional Animal Shelter. Vader is a black & white 1.5 year old goofy pit mix that is outgoing, playful, affectionate and everything you could want a pitty to be. He also thinks he’s a lap dog!! Charlie, his side kick, is a 1year old fluffy white mixed breed who is sweet but shy, docile & relies on Charlie for her confidence. We joke that Vader is Charlie‘s emotional support dog! They share everything, including a kennel! They are so good about their food, toys, bones, beds that they are able to be kenneled together with no worries at all. They are absolutely a bonded pair that are looking for a home together. Spend some time with these dogs and they will steal your heart and keep you entertained! These two are amazing- please set up an appointment to meet them or call the shelter to set up your meet and greet at  973-543-9333! Opt To Adopt!