Mother’s Day is here! Let’s face it, without our moms, nothing else would be possible. They do so much for us all year round. So for Mother’s Day, we need to make it a very special day to tell our mothers just how much we appreciate them.

Gifts, flowers, etc., are great, but what do you get for the moms who rock? Maybe get creative and make her something she can enjoy whenever she wants: A playlist that rocks! Moms have been celebrated in many different songs, whether it has been in the title, about a special mom or somehow indirectly involving mom.

If nothing else, mom can listen to the playlist whenever she wants to drown out the rest of the world!

To celebrate our wonderful rocking moms, here’s a playlist to salute the women who took care of us and raised us. Mom, thank you for everything you do, you absolutely ROCK!

Here’s a special Mother’s Day Playlist for Moms Who Rock:

Aerosmith – ‘Mama Kin’

Mom will appreciate you kicking off her Mother’s Day Playlist with this iconic Aerosmith hit from their debut album.

Queen – ‘Tie Your Mother Down’

This is such a fun Queen song to add for your rocking mom. You won’t be able to keep mom tied down as she dances away with Freddie, Brian and the boys!

Lenny Kravitz – ‘Always On the Run’

Combining Lenny’s voice with the guitar stylings of Slash will make for a very happy mother, listening to this rocking song.

Elton John – ‘Mama Can’t Buy You Love’

Even Sir Elton got mom’s name on a headline for one of his songs with this 1979 hit.

1977 - Mama Can't Buy You Love

Thom Bell Vocal Sessions.

Danzig – ‘Mother’ 

Every so often, mom needs to just blow off some steam and bang her head to a heavy tune. This song by Danzig will do the trick.

Danzig - Mother (original)

Danzig - Mother (original)

Shinedown – ‘Simple Man’

I’ve always loved this version of the Lynryd Skynyrd classic. Brent Smith’s vocals just give you chills and we’re pretty sure that mom will want it on her playlist too!

Thin Lizzy – ‘Philomena’

Phil Lynott wrong this song about his mother. Such an underrated ‘Lizzy tune!

Rolling Stones – ‘Mother’s Little Helper’

Ok, so the Stones had a little different idea of how to help mom get through the day, but then again, it was the 60’s…

Poison – ‘Your Mama Don’t Dance’

If mom loves the hairbands and used a lot of Aquanet back in the 80’s, she going to love rocking out to Brett and the boys doing this Loggins and Messina hit!

Ozzy Osbourne – ‘Mama I’m Coming Home’

Ok, this one is cheating a little bit as Ozzy wrote this for his wife Sharon, but if your mom rocks, she would be disappointed not having the Ozzman on her playlist, so this is the tune!

What are songs would you put on mom’s rocking Mother’s Day Playlist? Keep the list going by commenting below!