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It’s not every day that you go to Wendy’s to grab some lunch and get chased by an alligator in the parking lot, but that’s exactly what happened to people at a Fort Myers, Florida Wendy’s on Monday (5/17).

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) posted to Twitter, “Deputies responded to Lee Blvd today after this 6-ft gator chased pedestrians through a Wendy’s parking lot. He may have just been “hangry” for a cheeseburger, but he gave many quite the scare! Alongside FWC, we wrangled the gator and safely relocated it.”

The Lehigh Acres Fire Department was also on hand to help and the Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue Division also joked about the incident on Twitter, saying, “In other #Florida news, we’ll be experiencing a slightly delayed response time leaving Lehigh Acres Health & Rehab.”

According to Today, after causing chaos at Wendy’s and a nearby bank, the gator made his way across the street to the parking lot of Lehigh Acres Health & Rehab on Lee Boulevard, where he was safely captured and relocated to an alligator farm. No injuries were reported and the alligator is okay.

So, how did this massive creature end up in a Wendy’s parking lot? FWC officials said it was probably trying to move “between two water bodies” and made a brief pit stop along the way.

Meanwhile, Wendy’s spokesperson joked to Today, “The gator must have gotten word of the new Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger and wanted to see what the buzz is all about.”