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Slash had a very unique take on “guitar face” back when Guns N’ Roses were recording their debut album Appetite For Destruction.

Appetite sound engineer Micajah Ryan touched on this quirk during a recent episode of the Full In Bloom podcast where he said (as transcribed by Loudwire), “He did have a habit that was really funny. I don’t know if you ever noticed it — you’ll see it in videos. He concentrates so hard when he’s doing the solos that his lower lip protrudes, and his drool — saliva pools in his lower lip — and it will eventually spill over into long strings of saliva all the way down to the ground.”

Ryan adds, “And it happened in the studio countless times. He’s so focused when he plays, he doesn’t realize he’s drooling, or doesn’t care. I never did figure out which one it was, whether he didn’t realize it or he didn’t care.”

Call it a hunch, but when you’re Slash, you’ve basically earned the right to just not care if you drool while recording an awesome solo.

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