Dining on a rooftop or outdoors in general is a beloved activity for all ages.

With the nice weather finally upon us, we thought you should have the best rooftop and outdoor dining locations in Morristown all in one place.

Stirling Tavern 150 South St, Morristown
Town Bar + Restaurant 80 Elm St, Morristown
Fig & Lily Garden 2 Cattano Ave, Morristown
Millie’s Old World Meatballs & Pizza 60 South St, Morristown
The Homestead 10 Dehart St, Morristown
The Frog Sports Bar & Restaurant 18 Washington St, Morristown
Morristown Diner 73 Morris St, Morristown
Dublin Pub 4 Pine St, Morristown
Guerriero’s Ristorante 90 South St, Morristown
The Committed Pig 28 W Park Pl, Morristown
South + Pine American Eatery 90 South St, Morristown
Bistro 46 12 Elm St, Morristown
The Grand Café 42 Washington St, Morristown
Grasshopper Off the Green 41-43 Morris St, Morristown
Pavesi Restaurant 50 South St, Morristown
Rod’s Steak & Seafood Grille 1 Convent Rd, Morristown (in the Madison Hotel)
GK’s Red Dog Tavern 1 Convent Rd, Morristown (in the Madison Hotel)