Rosie Carr has become somewhat of a WDHA staff member.  Listeners got familiar with her and her late sister Scarlet when they were heard barking on my show and seeing their faces on social media. Both pups loved the attention and I am grateful they were so warmly welcomed!

Many may not know the backstory to Rosie’s rescue and how her life began. Below are links to the story of The Howell 276. And below is a video of her rescue from Inside Edition.

I remember coming home and seeing  news reports of 276 small dogs being removed from a residence in Howell New Jersey. “276?” I said….”How can that be true”? Well unfortunately it was. Their little frightened faces and shaking bodies broke my heart.  Many New Jersey shelters stepped up to help vet the dogs, house them and socialize and love them as these pups were caged, living in squalor and those that were not caged were running wild. No sunlight or quality of life. A nightmare. It was an ordeal to capture so many unsocialized, petrified animals, many in desperate need of medical attention, food and care. It took an entire day. Some were living in the walls of the house. It was unimaginable.

The Monmouth County SPCA took many dogs as did St. Huberts and other organizations including the Denville Animal Shelter. I happened to see Denville’s shelter animal savior Meredith Petrillo the next morning at our WDHA Dog Days Of Summer event where she was helping us with her cat trailer and she told me of the rescue that the Animal Control Officers in New Jersey were on the day before and how her shelter was taking in mamas, babies and pregnant dogs. She mentioned that once the dogs were vetted and decompressed from their ordeal I could stop by and see them so I could tell their story.  Fast forward a few weeks to the last week in June when I stopped by  the shelter with Joho to deliver some food and see The Howell gang and saw a scrappy pup who looked like a crumb bun and was bossing around the other dogs at the shelter and I fell in love. I knew I had to have her join the family. She stayed at the shelter until she was ready to leave her mama and came to live with me on August 1st 2016. It was the best impulsive decision I ever made! When Rosie first came to live with us she was scared of everything…including  dogs.  Scarlet patiently showed her the ropes, gave her confidence and taught her that people are good and so is life at TC’s house!

I can’t help but think what would have happened to Rosie had neighbors not reported the house she was hoarded in. Would she still be alive? How many litters of puppies would she have had? Would she be sick? In pain? Unloved? I am relieved that there is no answer to these questions as she is with me. Safe and cherished.

We lost Scarlet this past January and Rosie is still grieving. Her big sister was her world, but I am so grateful that I had the chance to make this  little dog who came from the worst situation imaginable my own. She is my protector, personal entertainment and best bud. I try to forget her terrible past because it is my belief she has. She has too many things to do everyday, like zooming with rockers, eating mozzarella and barking at Limu Emu on TV. And of course hanging out with me! Give a shelter dog a chance. Don’t let their past scare you. Their future is in your hands. And trust me…they will never forget it.

Check out the video of our great New Jersey Animal Control Officers hard at work helping to change the lives of these special pups. Most are in loving homes and doing well. Many of us with Howell dogs stay in touch. There is a FB page for them called “Howell Dogs Angels” and we exchange stories and photos. I keep in touch with Rosie’s mama, Betty and her humans. Thank god this case had a happy ending.