Reconnect With Rockers with Terrie Carr

Rudy Sarzo is a legend. A Bass master who has brought his talents to so many influential bands and artists including Quiet Riot, Whitesnake and of course the BLIZZARD OF OZZ touring band that featured his friend and rock brother Randy Rhoads.

Randy will be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame this fall with a “Musical Excellence” award and in this “Reconnect” webisode Rudy opens up on his friends groundbreaking talent, why his induction is so important, keeping Randy’s legacy alive and the fateful day that took Randy’s life at just 25 years of age in which Rudy was present sleeping on the bus.  Rudy’s candor in dealing with the events of that day, how he processed his grief and what enabled him to continue in music when he wasn’t sure if he could are truly inspiring. Rudy’s book “Off The Rails” that came out in 2016 is a tremendous time stamp of memories and the musical journey that was BLIZZARD OF OZZ! I highly recommend it. You will be transported!

Thank you Rudy Sarzo for your honesty, candor and opening up your soul for this interview.

We will continue to bring you the ROCK! TC