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News flash: Right Said Fred — yes, the duo who had a massive hit 30 years ago with “I’m Too Sexy” — are still around! Apparently, they have a Twitter account and they frequently use it to criticize social distancing and  vaccines. And a recent retweet indicates that they have taken issue with the Foo Fighters' upcoming show at Madison Square Garden. The show, taking place this Sunday , June 20, will see them playing the legendary venue at 100% capacity.

Per the venue’s new safety policy, attendees over the age of 16 must provide proof of being fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before being granted admittance. Those under the age of 16 must provide proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test prior to entry.

A twitter user named “La Haine” (his bio notes that he’s “Awake not woke, not anti-vax, definitely anti-tyranny, there are only two genders. Politically homeless”) tweeted, “Foo Fighters, a band I’ve long admired, just held a concert for the jabbed only. That’s every album & play list with them on, consigned to the bin.” (The tweet itself is incorrect, as the concert doesn’t take place until this Sunday.)

Right Said Fred replied, “Music is meant to build bridges, not destroy them.”

The Foo Fighters have yet to respond to Right Said Fred, but perhaps they can work things out: the Foos already have a warm relationship with '90s dance music star Rick Astley.

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