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Reconnect With Rockers with Terrie Carr

WDHA's Reconnect With Rockers with Kevin Martin from Candlebox

Candlebox vocalist Kevin Martin checks in with Terrie Carr to discuss being on the WDHA Family Reunion show, the bands upcoming release "WOLVES" and the band...

Candlebox "Turn Me Loose" (Loverboy Cover)

I love Loverboy and always have - no guilt, pure pleasure. A friend asked us to cover "Turn Me Loose" for her boss, who is also a huge fan of the band, so no...

Kevin Martin of Candlebox has been WDHA family for almost 30 years! We are so psyched to have the band on our WDHA Family Reunion show on 9/10 at The Prudential Center and waiting on their forthcoming “Wolves” due in September as well. In this “Reconnect” webisode, Kevin discusses making music that is fearless and free of labels, playing in NJ and their viral cover of Loverboy’s “Turn Me Loose’! Are they open to performing it a FR? Check out Kevin’s answer!

Always a pleasure to hang with such a talent and such a solid person as Kevin is one of rock’s great guys.  And we can’t wait for the new release and to see the band live again!

We WILL continue to bring you the ROCK! TC