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Reconnect With Rockers with Terrie Carr

I’m a NIGHT RANGER fanatic! Always have been and guitarist Brad Gillis has always been a favorite of mine with his warm whammy bar! His guitar tone is in my top 5 of all time.

I was so happy to have my choice of Night Ranger band members to reconnect with and went right for Brad and I’m so glad I did. He is such an easy and engaging person to speak with and really fun.  In this webisode Brad covers why guitar has made such a passionate comeback, the new Night Ranger release “And The Band Played On’, touring, the bands pop culture legacy, some unlikely fans and why he felt the band was held back from reaching their full potential in the early days.

17 million records sold to date I would say they have done alright! Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did and thanks Brad!

We will continue to bring you the ROCK! TC Info on NR at!/splash