WDHA was proud to present our “Discover Local” campaign this summer, hitting local towns that shine in our community. We celebrate August by “Discovering Denville” https://wdhafm.com/shows/discover-denville/about/

And turn August into DOGUST and highlight many staff and friends of staff that have adopted dogs from one of our favorite shelters The Denville Animal Shelter! The shelter is run by Animal Control Officer Meredith Petrillo and shelter volunteers to promote community involvement to identify, help and adopt Denville animals. They have a passion and compassion for all animals. the shelter houses dogs, cats heck even snakes and pigs have made a pitstop in Denville before finding their forever home! Many listeners know my pup Rosie Carr who was adopted from the Denville Animal Shelter in 2016 after being rescued from a hoarding situation, but we also have other staffers and friends of the station that have Denville doggies. here they are!

Sammy Freda is the canine son  (and most handsome Lab in history) of WDHA Sales Force member Valerie Freda and was adopted from the shelter two years ago!

Named after the Red Rocker – Sammy Hagar, Sam spends his time running in the field, hanging out with his brother Nick and his feline companion Ella.

Sammy was rescued form the south and brought to the shelter and when Val saw him she heard Van Halen’s “When It’s Love” in her head.

You all know Rosie Carr who is my best friend. Rosie was adopted after I fell in love with her when I stopped by the shelter to deliver some food and see the puppies Meredith had.

She is fierce, loyal and protective and super funny. She’s a great drinking partner too as you may have seen in her “Drinking With Dogs ” segments and enjoys Zooming with Rock Stars on WDHA’s “Reconnect With Rockers”.

She really liked Scott Stapp’s pups and Rudy Sarzo’s Yorkie Willow!

Monty Lombardi was adopted from the Denville Animal Shelter this summer by Dave Lombardi and his family after hearing about Monty and his 12 siblings who were raised there after being transferred from the South!

Dave is a record executive that is a friend of WDHA and supports rescue in his hometown of Denville.

Monty enjoys driving his canine sibling Lucy crazy, sleeping, table dances and being a shelter ambassador for the town of Denville!

Don’t forget the Fosters!! Right now me and Rosie Carr are fostering “Star” a teacup tiny Yorkie from the Denville Animal Shelter at our home! Fostering is so important as animals get to live in a home environment and really let their true personalities shine! Star is 4 pounds and loves meeting other dogs and walking miles a day!

Downtown Denville wouldn’t be complete without the amazing Denville Animal Shelter and we are so happy and proud to present the dogs that have changed our lives at WDHA! Big, small, mutt and pure bred. You can find any dog in shelter! #opttoadopt

-Terrie Carr (and Rosie)