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Thanksgiving is this Thursday which means we’re about to head into the 2021 holiday season. Jim Monaghan welcomes two guests on this morning’s show. Gene Fitzpatrick is here to talk about Denville’s activities next weekend, and Dr. Julie returns to help us maintain good eating habits during the hectic holidays.

As chairman of the Denville Business Improvement District, Gene Fitzpatrick knows the importance of a strong local shopping presence and Denville has REALLY kicked things up a notch in 2021. Beginning with Black Friday, moving through the start of Hanukkah, and continuing through the holidays, Denville has some great things lined up for the whole family. Check out Downtown Denville for all the details.

With Thanksgiving right in front of us, the holiday eating season is coming, too! We’ll be going to and hosting gatherings, heading out with friends and family, and the possibility of adding a few pounds is lurking.

Dr. Julie returns to the Jersey Magazine with some tips for WDHA listeners on how to eat both smart and healthy during the holiday season and beyond.

ROCK N’ RUFF – This week Terrie Carr features Spot from Randolph Regional Animal Shelter.

COACH SHEETS’ RIDE INJeremy Sheetinger is the head baseball coach at Georgia Gwinnett College where he led the Grizz Gang to the 2021 NAIA National Championship. His weekly “fire me up” tweet every Thursday may, on the surface, be geared toward his fellow baseball coaches, but his motivational message can easily be applied to the classroom, workplace, and your personal relationships. This week, Coach Sheets talks about the power of being part of a team. We may do our work as individuals, but it carries an even greater impact when we realize the impact it can have on others.

Looking for something fun to do in the area? Emma has you covered with this week’s Local Look.

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