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Remember the faux video game that was at the center of the music video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Californication”? Thanks to one intrepid game developer/fan, the “Californication” video game finally exists.

Miquel Camps Orteza is the one responsible for making a playable “Californication” game, and he said in a statement, “It’s 2022 and I haven’t seen anyone make the game so I challenged myself to create it. I have selected some epic moments from the video and turned them into 7 levels, each one with different game mechanics. I hope you like this game.”

A preview of the game can be viewed below, and it’s available for free download at

Orteza also noted he made the game with the Unity game engine and is looking for work, so if you’re in the games industry and like what you see, hit him up on LinkedIn.

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