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Slash doesn’t seem to be the type of guy who’s thrown by a lot of things, but he’s certainly taken by how his son, London, is a drummer in an up-and-coming rock band called S8nt Elektric.

The guitar icon touched on his 19-year-old son’s rock and roll path in a new interview saying how S8nt Elektric opening for Dirty Honey and Mammoth WVH recent was “really sort of a trip for me.”

Why? He elaborated, “Because I was 19 when I joined Guns N’ Roses and he’s 19 now and he’s in this band that’s out gigging all the time. So it’s really sort of surreal.”

Slash added, “As a rock dad, I’m just supportive. I try not to get too involved. I’m not a ‘soccer mom’ kind of dad — you know what I mean? — as far as the music is concerned. I don’t get in there and make my presence known. He just does what he does and if he needs any advice from me, then I’m around.”

He continued, “But it’s cool. We text each other and I’m, like, ‘Yeah, I’m doing a gig in Michigan tomorrow,’ and he goes, ‘Yeah, I’m doing a gig in San Diego.’ And it’s just, like, we’re almost total peers. It’s a trip.”

You can learn more about S8nt Elektric at


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