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Jim Monaghanhas three guest segments this week, centered around Women’s History Month and Colon Cancer Awareness Month.

In addition to March being Women’s History Month, it is also Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Jim Monaghan’s first guest this morning is Dr. Andrew Boxer who, in addition to being board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology with Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey (GANJ), he is also a longtime WDHA listener! Jim and Dr. Boxer discuss new developments in colorectal cancer treatment, tips to avoid getting cancer, and what to do if you notice a change in your body.

Women have made tremendous strides in traditionally male-dominated fields in recent years, and baseball is no exception. Major League Baseball has seen multiple teams – including the Mets and Yankees – add women into both front office and on-field positions. Lillian Martineau may only be a high school sophomore, but she caught the attention of a number of prominent current and former professional players when she made her high school’s JV baseball team as a freshman. Lillian has already been featured on the MLB Network’s “Sandlot To the Show” feature where former MLB player Sean Casey gave her batting style high marks. Jim and Lillian chat about how her baseball journey started, some of the obstacles she encountered along the way, and where she ultimately sees her baseball career heading.

NorthStar Pet Rescue is New Jersey volunteer-based, 501(c)(3) all breed animal rescue, focused on saving at-risk dogs from overcrowded animal shelters. WDHA has partnered with them each year for Terrie Carr’s annual Ultimate Rock Dog Contest calendars. Tammy Probst-Smith is the President and founder of NorthStar Pet Rescue. Tray McCauley is a founding volunteer with NorthStar and has been involved in every aspect of the day to day operations of the rescue since itโ€™s inception. Tammy and Tray talk with Jim Monaghan about NorthStar’s mission and some local pet events happening in the weeks to come.

Speaking of NorthStar, that where this week’s Rock N’ Ruffdog Trinity is from. Trinity is a two-year old border collie mix who was rescued from Texas and is waiting for someone to bring this amazing pup home. Trinity loves going for walks and binge watching TV!

COACH SHEETS’ RIDE INJeremy Sheetinger is the head baseball coach at Georgia Gwinnett College where he led the Grizz Gang to the 2021 NAIA National Championship. His weekly “fire me up” tweet every Thursday may, on the surface, be geared toward his fellow baseball coaches, but his motivational message can easily be applied to the classroom, workplace, and your personal relationships. This week, Coach Sheets talks about how your team responds to a tough situation is directly analogous to how you react to it.

Each Friday in February and March, WDHA honors teaching professionals by welcoming them to the Teachers Who Rock Class of 2022. Today we congratulate Mrs. Jessica Nolasco from Lincoln School in Nutley, and Mrs. Yohanny McSweeny from East Orange Stem Academy.

Looking for something fun to do in the area? Emma has you covered with this week’s Local Look.

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