I’m so thrilled to bring “Terrie Carr’s Animal House” back and really thrilled to be introducing you to the amazing Kelly Simonetti from ANTLER RIDGE WILDLIFE SANCTUARY in Newton New Jersey!

Antler Ridge is an amazing place that rehabilitates over 1000 animals every year, helps educate the public about wildlife and is licensed by the state of New Jersey to care for squirrels, opossums, bunnies, chipmunks, raccoon, skunks, porcupine, bear, foxes, fawns and other small mammals. Antler Ridge is a 501c3 charity that relies solely on donations and fundraising to continue their amazing 20 year mission. I’m a huge fan of their incredible work and was so happy to connect with their founder Kelly and the amazing Fox pup that joined our Zoom! For information check out their website- https://www.antler-ridge.com

And they have an amazing fundraising initiative with Czig Meister Brewing that is perfect if you love Beer and Deer!

https://www.facebook.com/antlerridgewildlife– Check out their FB page and my video with Kelly where she discusses conservation, the AR mission, how the public can get involved and more.  Or download our chat below!

I can’t wait to visit the farm myself!  Terrie Carr