Lourdes from Northstar

Hi Friends TC here with another lovely lady looking  for a new family!

We are focusing on some pups that have been waiting for a long time for their forever home and this week I  introduce you to LORDES from Northstar Pet Rescue.

Lourdes is a friendly female Belgian Malinois Shepherd who was abandoned, left dumped in front of a person’s home in Texas. She came in limping from her back leg and her x-rays revealed a fracture of the femoral head on her right side. She was rescued by NorthStar and has since had surgery on her leg which has since healed and she is  ready to take on the world! Lourdes is about 2 years old and medium sized at 40 pounds. She’s a lot of fun and  still has a lot of puppy-ish ways about her. Lourdes is house trained and crate trained. Although she is currently living with two other dogs, she needs slow introductions to new dogs. True  to her breed, she is a working dog and is high energy and needs a job. She is not a dog that will lay around! She needs stimulation, exercise, long walks.  If you are interested in giving this pretty girl a happy Act II in her life, please fill out an application at www.northstarpets.org and be sure to ask for LOURDES TX!

Thank you for your support or our shelter groups and their residents. Hope you find your true love!


Terrie Carr