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Happy Fathers Day! In honor of dads, Jim Monaghan sat down with three of his favorite WDHA Dads – Ed Silver, Scott Kohlhepp, and Mike Anthony. All four are at different stages of fatherhood. Ed and Jim have kids in and out of college, Scott has two younger children including a toddler son, and Mike is in the middle with two including a daughter about to hit “double digits.”

As they talk about the joys and challenges of being a dad, it’s a side of all four that you rarely get to see.

You’re probably aware of a shortage of teachers here in New Jersey. Of particular note is the lack of Black male teachers. To help address this critical need for more Black men to enter the field of elementary education, Pillar College, has launched the “B.E.S.T. (Black Elementary School Teachers) for Men” Program – which will award 10 full tuition-free scholarships for their BA Elementary Education Program to qualifying individuals. There is no other initiative like this in New Jersey. Jim Monaghan spoke with Dr. Rupert Hayles Jr, president of Pillar College, about this new initiative.

Pillar College is located in Newark with additional educational locations in Jersey City, Paterson, Plainfield, and Somerset.

This week, Rock N’ Ruff presents Ollie from Eleventh Hour Rescue. Ollie is a 4-year old terrier mix that is 35 pounds, loves to play fetch and has zero applications in his time at the shelter! Once Ollie bonds with you- he’s very affectionate. And with a proper introduction could live with another furry sibling although he’s very happy to be your one and only. Ollie loves to hike, rides great in the car, is housebroken and loves t walk and hike. This sweet guy is looking for a second chance at a new life.

COACH SHEETS’ RIDE INJeremy Sheetinger is the head baseball coach at Georgia Gwinnett College where he led the Grizz Gang to the 2021 NAIA National Championship. His weekly “fire me up” tweet every Thursday may, on the surface, be geared toward his fellow baseball coaches, but his motivational message can easily be applied to the classroom, workplace, and your personal relationships. This week’s message – NO ONE CARES. But don’t be fooled by those three words. Listen and find out what people DO care about.

Looking for something fun to do in the area? Chris Swendeman has you covered with this week’s Local Look.

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