Have you met Giovannie Yanez from Giovannie and the Hired Guns? This fun and talented band out of Stephenville Texas has the NUMBER ONE rock track in the country with “Ramon Ayala” and plays our next WDHA Parking Lot Party!

Here are a few things to know about “Giovannie Yanez”- 

  1. Giovannie Left Working In A Pawn Shop To Concentrate On His Musical Career!
  2. Ramon Ayala Is a REAL Person known as “King Of The Accordion” who Giovannie loved as a kid!
  3. Gio’s main influences are Texas natives Stevie Ray Vaughan AND Pantera!
  4. The Hired Guns are a band made up of amazing musicians and Giovannie’s old friends.
  5. Ramon Ayala spent a WILD 28 weeks on the Billboard Rock charts before hitting NUMBER ONE – A HUGE deal for a debut from a new artist! 

Giovannie joined Terrie Carr on Reconnect With Rockers to introduce himself and his band to the New Jersey ROCK Family!

The band Rocks the WDHA Parking Lot on August 2nd before their show at The Knitting Factory in NY.

CAUTION- Official Video is mega fun but has some saucy language !