Mike Anthony

Weekdays 3pm - 7pm

Sponsored by New York Renaissance Faire

It’s Mike Anthony, fresh off a visit this weekend to the New York Renaissance Faire.  What a time it was!  If you’ve never been, you need to get the family in the car and drive to Tuxedo Park, in Tuxedo NY.  It is a truly unique and amazing experience!

There are various merchants selling all types of unique goods.  You can find some  interesting attendees dressed up in really cool outfits.  Greenfield Commons is like a giant outdoor food court. Try picking between a giant turkey leg, brisket, fish and chips…….all of it is delicious.

And there are various areas to get your adult beverageon! Ales, Wines, and more!  Plus, you can’ miss the awesome live shows.  I watched a man on a unicycle juggling, a sword swallower, a joust and much, much, more.  It’s a great day out for everyone.  Decorated nicely, and the staff is terrific.  Don’t miss it!!