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DATELINE – Polk County FL

We may only be five days into the New Year, but it’s going to be hard…make that REALLY hard…to top this kind of stupidity, even for Florida Man.

First, let’s consider that the cops were already looking for this guy in connection with a theft from a Dollar General store earlier that day.

Now, let’s add Florida Woman into the story as our couple enters a home and proceeds to call 911.

The home, by the way, doesn’t belong to them.

Minor detail…we know.

When the police arrived the female thief said that they’d called 911 to ask law enforcement to help them move stuff from the house they were in the process of robbing . . . AND as long as the cops were there, could you please give us a ride to their airport, because we’re going to New York.

The deputies did help them bag up a few of the items they stole . . . and did give them a ride. But not to the airport. They were taken to jail, where they were both charged with burglary.