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Today is International Whiskey Day. Maybe you’d like to celebrate by pouring yourself a glass of some fine alcohol and just relaxing as you listen to WDHA.  So, I present to you a list of 5 terrific whiskeys, in no particular order. Maybe you’ll find your next favorite one here!

  1. FOUR ROSES SINGLE BARRELL: It’s got a complex flavor revealed through a simple process.  It tastes delicious when you drink it by itself or is really perfect to add to a mixed drink recipe.  Cheers!
  2. WEST CORK 8-YEAR SINGLE MALT: Looking for a good Irish whiskey?  This one is smooth and well-balanced. You can taste the dried apple and honey leading to a baking-spice finish.  Not bad….not bad at all!
  3. KNOB CREEK 12-YEAR-OLD BOURBON: This one could be considered a bit pricey.  It’s got a balanced sweet spot.  With 50% ABV.  Typically coming in at around $70 a bottle, it rivals those not only in the same price range but also those that are more expensive.
  4. FREY RANCH STRAIGHT RYE WHISKEY: This is from Nevada’s Frey Ranch Distillery. They grow all of the winter cereal used in this 100 percent rye whiskey, and it’s worth it because the taste is just amazing!
  5. Henry Mckenna Single Barrel 10-Year: This whiskey won “Best in Show” at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a very high honor! For a whiskey this good, it’s not exorbitantly priced, which is nice.  And it’s great for sipping on International Whiskey Day!

No matter what you go with, enjoy your drink and sip it at a nice moderate pace. You want to enjoy that bottle you spent money on.  And of course, remember to drink responsibly!!!

17 Gifts For Whiskey Lovers That Are Aged To Perfection

If there’s something here you decide you just have to have, we’ve provided links to the product websites. If you click on the link and make a purchase, Beasley Media Group may earn a commission. Have an idea for a fun theme for a gift idea list you’d like us to create? Drop us a line at shopping@bbgi.com.


Some people love vodka, some love tequila, but then there are those of us who love some good whiskey. If you’re a whiskey drinker then there is a good chance you’re particular about your whiskey. Whether it’s a favorite brand or that you know a lot about the whiskey-making process, being a whiskey lover is a big deal. So we’ve decided to put together a list of cool gifts for whiskey lovers that will make any fan happy.

  • Personalized Bourbon Barrel Flight with Glasses

    I mean, how cool is this?! This gorgeous handcrafted flight is made from a reclaimed bourbon barrel, it includes four Glencairn glasses to let the subtle aromas of your drink—like caramel, vanilla, oak, and smoke—hit your nose before the flavors hit your tongue. Plus it can be personalized with your name, a location, and a year of your choice.

    Get It Now From Uncommon Goods
  • Whiskey Enhancing Oak Chillers

    The various flavors in your whiskey come from the charred oak barrels it’s aged in. These enhancing oak chillers help bring some of the aromas that tends to escape when the whiskey is poured. These wooden ice cubes are awesome, and all you have to do is pop the whole cube (ice + wood together) to help enhance your flavors.

  • Personalized Stone Coasters

    What a cool addition to any bar! These stone coasters can be personalized with your name and a few other lines of text.  

  • I Like Whiskey Tee

    I love funny shirts like this one. It’s a perfect representation for people who like only a few things one of them including whiskey. 

    Pick It Up On Etsy
  • Personalized Whiskey Cocktails Leather Book

    Not only will you be able to enjoy over 100 whiskey cocktails with this book, but you can get it personalized. This would make the perfect gift for whiskey lovers anywhere.

  • Whiskey Scratch Off Chart

    We just find these so cool. If you’re a serious whiskey connoisseur this could be a fun activity for you. This scratch-off chart includes 50 of the world’s most intriguing whiskeys. You could start by scratching off the whiskeys you’ve already tried, or make it a challenge to start from scratch (pun fully intended)! 

  • Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

    Okay if you’re a golf lover and a whiskey lover this is for you. We love these cool ice cube molds and these are just super awesome.

  • Golf Cart Whiskey Decanter

    Speaking of golf, we just had to add this one, because look at it! It’s just a ton of fun. The set comes with 2 uniquely designed golf ball whiskey glasses as well as a cool decanter.

  • Whiskey Socks

    These are just fun and all-around something that would make a whiskey lover smile. 

    Get One Here On Etsy
  • U.S. Whiskey History Glasses

    Let’s give a toast to whiskey in a really fun way. These vintage-inspired highball glasses feature six different drinks including the Whiskey High Ball. Each glass showcases the histories, measurements, and instructions for flawless refreshment with each pour.

  • Aged To Perfection Sweatshirt

    Here’s a fun piece of whiskey-inspired clothing. This sweatshirt can be personalized with any name making it a great go-to gift for a whiskey lover.

  • Whiskey Cufflinks

    Okay, here is just a fun gift idea. If you’re looking for something a bit quirky for a whiskey lover this is exactly what you need.

  • May Contain Whiskey Mug

    Yes, this mug may contain whiskey, or it may not. That’s the fun part for people to figure out! 

    Buy It Now On Etsy
  • WhistlePig Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

    This looks so yummy! This maple syrup is aged for nine months in a whiskey barrel so you get a delicious whiskey-like flavor in some very yummy maple syrup. Picture this on your pancakes right! 

    Pick It Up On Sur La Table
  • Whiskey Soaps

    We love the taste and we love the smell! These two soaps have notes of honey, woodiness, cinnamon, and so much more. 

  • World Whiskey Handbook

    If you’re looking for something that will always give you a drink to try this is a great choice. This genuine leather hand-bound World Whiskey handbook gives a nation-by-nation whiskey bible to more than 700 varieties and top award-winners the world’s finest makers. It even includes photos that show you distilleries and so much more. 

  • Toasted White Oak Whiskey Cigar Tray

    What goes well with whiskey? Well cigars of course. This tray is so cool. It has two compartments; an ashtray side and a side for your glass. The ashtray side is laid with 16gauge hot rolled steel sheet to protect the wood underneath. And the glass side conveniently fits square and round whiskey glasses.

    Get Yours Now On Etsy


Please note that items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time we published this list. Have an idea for a fun theme for a gift idea list you’d like us to create?  Drop us a line at shopping@bbgi.com

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