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Slipknot? Booking a residency? It’s a concept that may seem unlikely, in theory, but it makes a lot of sense, according to percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan.

In a new interview with Kerrang!, Clown talks about how the band might not tour at the same pace as fans are used to. He says, “The only god we’ve ever known is to get on the road, play our music and tour … I can promise you that we won’t tour like we used to, because if we keep pushing like we used to, I don’t think we’ll be able to keep up.”

Slipknot shows are intense affairs, so it’s not surprising to hear Clown’s concern about keeping up with the physicality of touring in the future. However, less travel with a residency would be a massive help with general wear and tear.

Clown notes, “I can see smaller venues, with more dates. Wouldn’t it be great if we had seven days in New York City or London or anywhere, at a reasonably sized venue, and played every album in its entirety – with intros, outfits, production and everything from that time period? That could be cool. There are some songs we’ve never played live. Places we’ve never been. That’s unacceptable!”

Of course, the idea for a Slipknot residency isn’t happening any time soon, because the band has a number of festival bookings this summer. A full list of upcoming shows can be found at

24 Albums that Turn 15 in 2023

A number of the rock albums that turn 15 in 2023 are both big hits and fan favorites.

Many legendary acts released LPs in 2008 including Metallica, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Judas Priest and more. Some acts — like Kings of Leon, Slipknot, The Killers and The Black Keys — also helped cement their place in the rock world with new albums.

Scroll below to see which 24 rock albums turn 15 in 2023.

  • Disturbed - ‘Indestructible’

    Released on June 3, 2008.

  • Slipknot - ‘All Hope Is Gone’

    Released on August 26, 2008.

  • Metallica - ‘Death Magnetic’

    Released on September 12, 2008.

  • Coldplay - ‘Viva la Vida of Death and All His Friends’

    Released on June 12, 2008.

  • The Black Keys - ‘Attack & Release’

    Released on April 1, 2008.

  • Beck - ‘Modern Guilt’

    Released on July 7, 2008.

  • The Raconteurs - ‘Consolers of the Lonely’

    Released on March 25, 2008.

  • Kings of Leon - ‘Only by the Night’

    Released on September 19, 2008.

  • The Killers - ‘Day & Age’

    Released on November 18, 2008.

  • AC/DC - ‘Black Ice’

    Released on October 20, 2008.

  • Vampire Weekend - ‘Vampire Weekend’

    Released on January 29, 2008.

  • Flogging Molly - ‘Float’

    Released on March 4, 2008.

  • The B-52’s - ‘Funplex’

    Released on March 25, 2008.

  • R.E.M. - ‘Accelerate’

    Released on March 31, 2008.

  • Def Leppard - ‘Songs from the Sparkle Lounge’

    Released on April 25, 2008.

  • 3 Doors Down - ‘3 Doors Down’

    Released on May 20, 2008.

  • Nine Inch Nails - ‘The Slip’

    Released on May 5, 2008.

  • Nine Inch Nails - ‘Ghosts I-IV’

    Released on March 2, 2008.

  • Judas Priest - ‘Nostradamus’

    Released on June 17, 2008.

  • Motley Crue - ‘Saints of Los Angeles’

    Released on June 24, 2008.

  • Shinedown - ‘The Sound of Madness’

    Released on June 24, 2008.

  • Queen + Paul Rodgers - ‘The Cosmos Rocks’

    Released on September 15, 2008.

  • Nickelback - ‘Dark Horse’

    Released on November 17, 2008.

  • Guns N’ Roses - ‘Chinese Democracy’

    Released on November 23, 2008.

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