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Facebook Theater 8-14-18

Word to the wise - if you have kids at home when you exercise, watch what noises you make when stretching. Then again, you could always just cut to the chase and play "Porn Star Dancing" as part of your workout soundtrack. That and more on this all-new episode of Facebook Theater.

Corey Glover On the Morning Jolt

Corey Glover's multi-octave voice is part of the signature sound of Living Colour, who first broke onto the music scene in 1988 with their debut album Vivid. Ultraphonix is his latest side project and it teams Corey up with the incredible George Lynch (Dokken, the Lynch Mob). Jim Monaghan and John Hodorovych caught up with…

Big D-Top 3 - 8/10/18

Rock friends, The Greta Van Fleet fans are taking over! So far I have received Greta shirts, Greta socks, The GVF fanzine and GVF's official Army patch! This is wild! All for featuring them in the Box Of Rock back in May. I truly have not seen this much fanfare with a band in ...well.....I…

Facebook Theater 8-9-18

Have you ever noticed.... Today's all-new Facebook Theater has it all - vintage neighborly passive-aggressive behavior, reflective thoughts on aging, and policemen who appear out of nowhere.

Marriage For Dummies 8-8-18

Listener Vinny from Fairfield is a regular caller to the WDHA Morning Jolt. What Jim Monaghan and John Hodorovych did not know is that not only is Vinny a newlywed, but he and his bride have dual residences. Dr. JoHo offered his special brand of counseling on today's Marriage For Dummies.