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WATCH- WDHA’s Reconnect With Rockers With Jeff Pilson Jeff Pilson is one of the busiest men in rock! It's Terrie Carr and whenever I sit down to chat with Jeff Pilson, there is so much music and many bands to talk about. Jeff is a Bass legend, which most were introduced to in the 1980s with DOKKEN, and of course, an entirely new generation of fans know him from his 20-year stint in Foreigner. Jeff joined Dokken in 1983 and has multiple cool projects out including the supergroup- "Revolution Saints", with Dean Castronovo and Joel Hoekstra another cool band "The End Machine" AND a third project "Black Swan" with Reb Beach and Robin McAuley -. We talk about all of them, how they differ, and why they rock! We also discuss Foreigner and their tour which comes to The PNC Bank Arts Center in New Jersey on July 23rd with Styx and John Waite - Grab Your Tickets For Foreigner Here  Jeff discusses his amazing "new " vocalist, the "familiar" drummer in his project "The End Machine", being in a classic band with SO many hits, The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, his passion for Yoga, and more. Yeah, we covered quite a bit of ground! It was awesome to catch up with Jeff from his home studio again- (he has been on Reconnect with Rockers before) and we always have a fantastic rock conversation! Check Out "THE END MACHINE" - The End Machine- Killer Of The Night And "REVOLUTION SAINTS" - Changing My Mind    Jeff With FOREIGNER- Jeff Playing With Foreigner Jeff Rockin With DOKKEN- Breaking The Chains The FULL WDHA Reconnect With Rockers Link To ALL Of My Video Interviews-  Enter The Reconnect With Rockers Page! And Join Us Next Week AT WDHA's Rock The Rock Fest! WDHA's Rock The Rock Fest Link  Rock On!

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