The Jolt Debuts JoHo Sports Investments

JoHo is more than just a film critic...more than just a marriage counselor...and certainly more than a wannabe athlete. He's an expert (?) on sports odds. The Morning Jolt premiered its latest feature JoHo Sports Investments Friday morning.

New Year...New Jolt

The WDHA Morning Jolt’s New Year/New Jolt Weight Loss Challenge is underway. Jim Monaghan and John Hodorovych are taking different routes to see which one can lose 20 pounds sooner.

Ernie Hudson On the WDHA Morning Jolt

For JoHo, Christmas came early in the form of Ernie Hudson calling into the WDHA Morning Jolt. The veteran actor has appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows including Ghostbusters, a movie which JoHo has immortalized in the form of ink on his arm. Ernie checked in to talk about his various projects including…

Facebook Theater 10-25-18

Earlier this week, Ashley from the WDHA sales department was the guest voice on Facebook Theater. Her rationale was, "If JoHo can do this radio thing, how hard can it really be?" Feeling his manhood threatened, JoHo responded on this morning's episode.

Marriage For Dummies 9-26-18

Vickie from South Plainfield is one of those people Jim Monaghan likes to describe as "terminally perky." Her chat with Jim and John Hodorovych started out discussing colonoscopies and turned into her giving marital advice to Dr. JoHo on this week's Marriage For Dummies.

NHRA Driver Ron Capps On the Jolt

Ron Capps drives fast...VERY fast. As the driver of the NAPA Auto Parts Dodge Charger Funny Car, he's won 20 NHRA Funny Car events and will be participating in the NHRA New England Nationals this weekend in New Hampshire. Ron called into the WDHA Morning Jolt to talk with Jim Monaghan and John Hodorovych on…

Morristown Colonial History On the Jolt

There's an incredible amount of American colonial history here in the Morristown area. In fact, local legend is that the land around WDHA here in Cedar Knolls was once a burial ground for cavalry horses during the revolutionary war. Phillip Greenwalt is currently the Acting Chief of Interpretation for the Morristown National Historical Park and…