Morning Jolt Interviews

Animaniacs & More With Rob Paulsen On the Jolt

Rob Paulsen brings Animaniacs In Concert back to our area this Sunday March 31 at the Loft at City Winery in NYC. He called into the WDHA Morning Jolt to catch up with Jim Monaghan and John Hodorovych, and field some questions from WDHA listeners, too.

The Jolt Catches Up With Gary Hoey

Legendary guitarist Gary Hoey has a brand-new album out today (Neon Highway Blues) and a show coming up in Manhattan on Monday at Iridium. Gary dialed up Jim and JoHo to talk about the new record, having his son join him in the studio, and broken cassette decks (or so he thought).

Actor Gianni Russo On the Morning Jolt

Not many people can say they got wacked in the front seat of a car by the mob and lived to tell about it. Gianni Russo played the role of Carlo Rizzi in the first two Godfather movies and has just published a new book - Hollywood Godfather - full of great stories from his…

WWE Superstar Jake Roberts On the Jolt

WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Jake the Snake Roberts is bringing his Dirty Details Tour to the Starland Ballroom on April 4. He called into the WDHA Morning Jolt to talk about everyday life losing snakes in toilets.

Andrew Zimmern From "Bizarre Foods" On the Jolt

You know Andrew Zimmern as a host on the Food Network and the Travel Channel...and you probably also know that he is a 4-time James Beard Award-Winner. He's also the author of a brand new book - AZ AND THE LOST CITY OF OPHIR - which has just come out. Andrew joined the Jolt to…

Actor/author Patrick Kilpatrick Talks With the Jolt

Patrick Kilpatrick is THAT GUY! You know...the guy whose name you might not know off the top of your head, but when you see him you know he's THAT GUY! Patrick has appeared in more than 100 movies and television shows and has a new book out called Dying For Living which talks about his…

More On the Saga of Nipple Cream

Thursday's Facebook Theater, better known as "The Saga of Nipple Cream," was taken from the Facebook page of singer/songwriter/author/log cabin builder/lots of other things Michael Johnathon. In an effort to get more details on this intriguing story, Jim Monaghan and John Hodorovych called Michael on Friday morning at his Kentucky home. Check out Michael's music…

Josh Gates On the Morning Jolt

Josh Gates gets to explore places we can probably only dream about going to. As the host/executive producer of Expedition Unknown on the Travel Channel, Josh has been everywhere from Cambodia to New Jersey (he'll be at the Mayo Performing Arts Center in Morristown tonight as a matter of fact".