Morning Jolt

Marriage For Dummies 8-15-18

Sadly, Steve from Byram didn't reach out to Dr. JoHo sooner. Steve's first go-round with matrimony ended in less than spectacular fashion. However he's involved in a new relationship now, so maybe the good doctor can help going forward. Learn from Steve's mistake. Reach out to Dr. JoHo and Marriage For Dummies.

Facebook Theater 8-14-18

Word to the wise - if you have kids at home when you exercise, watch what noises you make when stretching. Then again, you could always just cut to the chase and play "Porn Star Dancing" as part of your workout soundtrack. That and more on this all-new episode of Facebook Theater.

Corey Glover On the Morning Jolt

Corey Glover's multi-octave voice is part of the signature sound of Living Colour, who first broke onto the music scene in 1988 with their debut album Vivid. Ultraphonix is his latest side project and it teams Corey up with the incredible George Lynch (Dokken, the Lynch Mob). Jim Monaghan and John Hodorovych caught up with…

Facebook Theater 8-9-18

Have you ever noticed.... Today's all-new Facebook Theater has it all - vintage neighborly passive-aggressive behavior, reflective thoughts on aging, and policemen who appear out of nowhere.

Marriage For Dummies 8-8-18

Listener Vinny from Fairfield is a regular caller to the WDHA Morning Jolt. What Jim Monaghan and John Hodorovych did not know is that not only is Vinny a newlywed, but he and his bride have dual residences. Dr. JoHo offered his special brand of counseling on today's Marriage For Dummies.

Facebook Theater 8-7-18

Earlier this morning, we asked a caller who he thought was a more bizarre collection of individuals - the WDHA staff, or the listeners. Without skipping a beat, he replied "The listeners! We have an awful lot of baggage that we're carrying around!" Forthwith is some of that baggage on public display in this all-new…

The RiffTrax Guys Are Back On the Jolt

Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy have turned talking back to the screen from an annoyance to an art form. As the head guys behind RiffTrax, they've taken on B-films and Hollywood classics, interjecting their own special brand of humor. Their latest riff is on the sci-fi classic Krull, coming later this month to area theaters.…

Facebook Theater 8-2-18

Kicking off the month of August with an all-new Facebook Theater guaranteed to delight the whole family! maybe that's a stretch. But where else can you find donuts being chased by the local gendarme, issues with sex education and a Ben McAdoo reference all in under a minute?

Marriage For Dummies 8-1-18

Dr. JoHo may have met his match. Jeff from Staten Island is married and he and his wife have three daughters. Jeff's situation - surrounded by the enemy as it were - left Dr. JoHo speechless this morning during our weekly Marriage For Dummies segment.

Facebook Theater 7-31-18

It's said to be good to be able to laugh at yourself. It's easier to laugh at others. Especially when there's drama involved. Such is the fuel that feeds the fire known as Facebook Theater.