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2024 Mets and Yankees One Month In

With April in the rearview mirror, we have the 2024 Mets and Yankees one month in on their respective seasons. This morning on the Two-Minute Drill, Jim Monaghan and Chris Swendeman take a look at how the teams have done so far. https://youtu.be/XXB7mdB7z4g 2024 Mets and Yankees One Month In The Mets There's good news and bad news here. Take away the horrific 0-5 start, and the Mets are a respectable 15-10, a pace that should easily get them into the postseason. The Pitching At 3.43, the Mets team earned run average is the second best in the National League, with only the Phillies ahead of them. The bullpen checks in with a 2.71 ERA which is the best in the National League, and the fifth best overall in baseball. With any kind of offense.... The Hitting Here lies a HUGE problem for the Mets, and his name is Pete Alonso. Batting average may not carry the weight it used to among baseball nerds, but Pete Alonso is hitting a paltry .218 with just one hit in the recently completed 7-game homestand. Meanwhile, Francisco Lindor is even worse at .207. What the Mets can hope for is that JD Martinez can bring some length into the lineup until some of the others (hopefully) get hot. The Yankees As with the Mets, there's good news and bad news to talk about. Juan Soto has been an absolute beast and his at bats have become must-see TV. And that's with Aaron Judge struggling mightily right behind him in the lineup. For a franchise that can be a tad on the stuffy side, Alex Verdugo has been an absolute breath of fresh air. A plus defender, he also brings some energy to the plate. The Leadoff Spot Anthony Volpe got off to a torrid start at the beginning of the season, and apparently didn't need any chick parm, either. When he was put into the leadoff position of the order on April 10, he had a slash line of .375/.444/.600/1.044 (batting average, on base percentage, slugging percentage, OPS). Since then, Volpe has hit just .209 and his numbers have dropped precipitously - .262/.348/.385/.733. Volpe is constantly expanding the strike zone at the plate chasing pitches he should be taking. The end result is that he recently went 11 consecutive games without a walk. The Pitching Even with Gerrit Cole on the injured list, the Yankees starters have a respectable 3.48 ERA, good enough for 7th in MLB. The bullpen? The best ERA in baseball at 2.45 (tied with the Oakland A's believe it or not). MORE EPISODES OF WDHA'S TWO-MINUTE DRILL WITH JIM MONAGHAN AND CHRIS SWENDEMAN