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5 Of The Best Movie Rock Soundtracks

We in Jersey love to give our opinion on things.  I recently found 5 Movie Soundtrack Songs That Rock.  And the way I did that is by asking DHA listeners.  The biggest and smartest music fans there are baby!!! At 5 pm weekdays, I do First Call Last Call, which is a set of music that I themed.  Where do I get that theme from?  Well,  About an hour before that, I post a question of the day and base the tunes I play on listener responses. Our listeners always have tremendous responses.  So many bands and songs that weren’t top of mind for me or that I completely forgot about.  It’s so much fun reading through the listener responses! Yesterday, I was in the mood to play some tunes from movie soundtracks, so I posed the question – Name A great rock song from a movie soundtrack.  I also mentioned that I’d love for the responses to include the song AND the movie.  And boy did I get some awesome answers. When you think about it, there are so many amazing films that have scenes with songs that just make the moment extra special.  Of course, there are some soundtracks where you get tunes that might not have been highlighted in the movie but still kick ass.  Either way, music really adds another layer to film and it’s cool to say how the musical director chooses to structure the scene. I feel like lately, there haven’t been as many soundtracks coming out that contain original music by bands that you want to get a copy of.  At least not like back in the day (think Singles soundtrack or Heavy Metal). Nevertheless, music will always be a big focus in many movies and to celebrate that let’s take a look at 5 Movie Soundtrack songs that rock!

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