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How The Latest EP From Plush Rocks So Hard

Last night, Plush wrapped up their tour with Disturbed in Vegas.  The “Take Back Your Life” Tour kicked off when Plush released their latest EP “Find The Beautiful.” It’s made up of 6 songs which are bangin’, sing-along-able, and infectious. Including an unbelievable cover of the classic Barracuda from HEART!  Let’s take a look at how the latest EP from Plush rocks so hard! HOMAGE Moriah Formica, the vocalist, guitarist, and all-around kick-ass frontwoman of this band knows how to bring the earth-shattering vocals. And the perfect place to showcase her chops is by paying homage to Ann Wilson and HEART. Moriah has always looked up to her and she does a spectacular job singing this one like it’s the perfect fit for her vocal chords.  That’s not to say the rest of the band isn’t on point either.  Faith Powell on drums does a great job holding down the backbeat of this tune.  The ladies know how to play a cover! Hope It Hurts “Hope It Hurts” opens with a dark, ominous almost electronic feeling pulse.  Moriah’s vocals kick in and you realize this won’t be a happy tune.  Yet when the hook comes on it somehow takes the melancholy lyrics and makes you want to tap your fit and maybe even bang your head! The Standout Plush has always had great heavy songs yet brings melodic choruses to the forefront. The highlight for me on this EP is “Kill The Noise.”  It’s got a cool drum beat from Faith, some good riffage by Bella and Ashley, and that chorus really does a great job of bridging the gap between light and dark, melancholy and joy.  It’s one where you wish you could sing as well as Moriah, so you could sing along LOL!  I do anyway……even if people look at me. This is an EP you should definitely have in your collection. Check out Kill The Noise below. [select-listicle listicle_id="700614" syndication_name="5-fun-facts-about-the-band-plush-as-we-world-premiere-their-new-tune-left-behind-at-noon" description="yes"]

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