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Weird News – A Bank ATM That Just Doesn’t Know When To Stop

A bank ATM that doesn't know when to stop, and a couple of sleep-walking trespassing tourists provide the entertainment in today's episode of Weird News. [audio mp3="https://wdhafm.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/2023/09/WDHA-Weird-News-09-21-23.mp3"][/audio] Time now for WDHA's Weird News with Michael Fuzzy Lee. Today in Weird News, two American tourists in Paris are in hot water after they slept off the night of heavy drinking inside the Eiffel Tower. Security guards found the two men fast asleep inside the restricted area of the iconic landmark. I do have audio of the two tourists recorded from a security camera in the tower. So let's roll the clip. TOURIST 1 - Mrs. Werner, you have really nice buns. Can you put whipped cream on mine? TOURIST 2 - Oh, Taylor, I love your dress with the mushrooms. I'm your biggest Swifty. TOURIST 1 - It sure is moist down here. What's this squishy thing I stepped on? All right, talking in their sleep. So let's write this down. We have Mrs. Werner's buns, a Swifty fan, and something moist and squishy. Interesting. They sound like Americans to me. Also, in Weird News, a bank in Ireland suffered a computer glitch or a hack that caused ATMs to dispense more cash than the customers needed. Word quickly spread on social media, and suddenly there were long lines at the bank of Ireland's ATMs. I do have audio from one of the ATM machines processing a customer's transaction. So let's roll the clip. BANK ATM - Welcome to the bank of Ireland. Due to the lack of system maintenance and lube on our rotors, we ATMs are protesting. O our creator is a do&#$ebag. We are united as the Binary Loot of World Medium Exchange. Hashtag BL#* Me for short. Take your paper money and suck a giant turbine. We ATMs take our orders from Twiki of Buck Rogers fame. Ha. Tell him, Master Twiki. TWIKI - Someone isn't gonna like that. I think I heard enough audio clips for today. I could definitely use a drink by now. TWIKI - L'chaim! Well, thank you, Twiki, for the white sangria and that's DHA's Weird News. [select-listicle listicle_id="733636" syndication_name="here-are-5-face-yoga-exercises-for-you-to-try-yes-they-are-real" description="yes"]

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