Historic YWCA Homeschool Classes
  • This event has passed.

March 3201512:00 am
110 Orange Road, Montclair, , , ,

The Crane House and Historic YWCA will begin hosting Homeschool Classes beginning on March 3rd for kids 6-10 detailing the rich history of Montclair and New Jersey.  Beginning with a brief lecture on the subject the kids will then dive into crafts and activities to enrich their understanding of our history.  Space is limited so please register in advance for classes.  Registration is just $60 per child and can be done by phone at 973-744-1796 or by email at mail@montclairhistorical.org.  Visit http://montclairhistorical.org/events/homeschool-program-series-craft-your-way-through-history-2/ for more dates and information.