Morris Habitat Restore
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January 8201212:00 am
Habitat Restore, 102 Iron Mountain Road, Mine Hill, , , ,

The Morris Habitat restore is accepting donations up until January 8th, 2012 of items that you would like to re-gift.  So if you have items that you can’t use, have too many of, or for any other reason the Morris Habitat Restore will be happy to accept them.  All items and proceeds are donated to fund the Morris Habitat mission of providing decent and affordable housing for those in need.  They will accept nearly anything that isn’t perishable or subject to government regulation.   If you would like to partner with Morris Habitat during this Holiday Season you can contact them at  You can bring your donations to the Morris Habitat Restore at 102 Iron Mountain Road in Mine Hill or you can contact them at 973-366-3358 or visit their website,