Randolph Animal Pound Fundraiser
  • This event has passed.

May 16201012:00 am
160 Main Street in Rockaway, , , ,

The Exchange is hosting a special benefit for Randolph Animal Pound.
Stop by and help save local homeless animals.
15% of Lunch and Dinner tabs will be donated directly to the cause.
(100% of the money raised, goes straight to the animals.)

Jay of J & J Fine Jewelry will be volunteering his time to buy gold, silver and
platinum to help our homeless animals at the Randolph Animal Pound.
Not only do you get money for your old jewelry, silver and platinum, but Jay
will be donating 10% to the homeless animals of the Randolph Animal Pound.

Jay will be at The Exchange from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on May 16th.
Drop-ins are welcome, however appointments are suggested.
Please Contact Claudine at Doggie54optonline.net.