September 27th Morris County Historical Society
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October 7200912:00 am
Acorn Hall, 68 Morris Avenue, Morristown, , , ,

Morristown may be famous because “Washington slept here,” but history didn’t come to a halt there when he left town in 1780. “Life After George: Morristown After the Revolution,” the Morris County Historical Society’s newest exhibit, examines the history – technological, social, and cultural – that continued to be made after that date through the early 20th century in Morristown and the surrounding area. The exhibit opens Sunday, September 27, and runs into April 2010 at Acorn Hall, 68 Morris Avenue, Morristown. The exhibit will introduce visitors to the significant events that occurred in Morristown in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, such as the invention of the telegraph, the development of the Morris Canal, and the growth of the town from a sleepy farming community to a major population and commercial center to the “town of millionaires” in the Gilded Age. Also highlighted will be Morristown’s non-Revolutionary historic sites, including Macculloch Hall, Historic Speedwell, Fosterfields, and Acorn Hall itself.