Sepultura at the Palladium Times Square

October 12
Palladium Times Square, 1515 Broadway, New York, NY, 10036 + Google Map

Check out Sepultura at the Palladium Times Square on Saturday, October 12th!

1984, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil two brothers Max and Igor Cavalera came together to start a heavy metal band. Sepultura has experimented with many different sounds throughout the years like groove metal, thrash metal, hardcore punk and so many more. As of now, the band consists of the lead singer Derrick Green, guitarist Andreas Kisser, bassist Paulo Jr. And finally, drummer Greyson Nekrutman.

After Max Cavalera heard Black Sabbaths album Vol.4 (1972) it inspired him to start a band the same day. The word Sepultura translates to the word “grave” in Portuguese, which Max translated lyrics from Motorheads song “Dancing on Your Grave” to get their bands name.

In the early stages of the band, Sepultura took inspiration from many popular bands like Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Motorhead and Van Halen. One year after creating the band, they signed their first record label with Cogumelo Records. Later in 1985, they released their first EP Bestial Devastation.

Sepultura has released fifteen studio albums, four live albums, four compilation albums, four EPs, 23 singles and six video albums. From their album Roots (1996) “Roots Bloody Roots” is their most popular song with a total of 90,000,000 streams to this day. In November of 1986, the band released their debut studio album Morbid Visions.

Beneath the Remains (1989) was the first album by Sepultura to top the charts. Two years later in 1991 the band released the album Arise which topped the charts in six countries, including the United States. 1996 is where everything changed for the band with the release of Roots with the album on top of the charts in nine different countries.

With the release of Arise (1991) the Sepultura went on their first tour which started May 11th, 1991, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Before going on their own tour in 1991, they performed at the Rock in Rio festival alongside Guns and Roses, Billy Idol, Prince and many others. The most recent studio album release was in February of 2020 called Quadra and their most recent live album release SepulQuarta (2021).

Now, after all these years the band announced their 40th anniversary with a year and a half tour, starting in July of this year in Brazil. They will reach their North American leg of the tour starting in Chicago Illinois on September 17th. After the tour is complete, the band will disband.

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