Photo Credit Joe Frazz

Hey Rockers, Terrie Carr here-

October 23, 2018 we gathered with WDHA winners, staff and the incredible RIVAL SONS at The Raven Room in Morristown for an epic Listener Experience! It was a memorable night and I decided to flashback as we approach the 4 year anniversary.

The band was gracious, fun and blew our doors completely off.  It was one of the most memorable Q&A sessions I have ever done and the energy from our winners was infectious.

Rival Sons just released an amazing new tune “NOBODY WANTS TO DIE” out now and a new release DARKFIGHTER coming out March 10, 2023. Check out our WDHA photo gallery captured by our photographic genius staff photographer- Joe Frazz

Check out a few videos from that magical Jersey night and their new one too!

Rival Sons- Raven Room- Do Your Worst

Rival Sons- Raven Roon- Wild Horses

Rival Sons- Raven Room- Burn Down Los Angeles


Rival Sons- Nobody Wants To Die