Terrie Pie! Curtis, TC and Jani and Jerry from Warrant hanging in 1992 in the WDHA studios when the band came by to hang and play live! We loved the 80's

Hey, 80’s fans- It’s Terrie Carr, and considering the 1980’s always win out when I do a “What Era Should We Do For The All Request Lunch Hour Today”, I decided to go into my historical WDHA photo collection and pull out some fun ones as WE ALWAYS SUPPORTED THE 1980’s! (Even in the Grunge era 1990s’)

WDHA has always been a musically diverse radio station. Trust me, I have worked at many. The musical history and love for all things rock has been the thing that has brought me back and kept me there.

I was hired in 1989 (soooo young, green and just a fan with broadcast experience!) and spent the entire decade at WDHA The Rock Of New Jersey, following the musical landscape of yes, what was happening in the 1990’s, but also the blues artists emerging, 1990’s one hit rock wonders, 1990’s then rock/pop like Gin Blossoms and Goo Goo Dolls, METAL of course, and amazing new bands.

We presented shows with Bon Jovi, Tesla, and Slaughter. Rocked with Metal Mania with the High Priestess Cheryl Richardt, FOCUSED on the 1980’s exclusively with The Tourbus show with Ralph Sutton and Matt Murray, and of course extended our love for this fun, party genre well into the 2000’s and today.

Yes, the landscape changes, evolves and different artists emerge, but trust me the CD wall that was at the station in 1990 is still there with every CD still prominently displayed. It’s called history baby!

There are tons of photos of artists that were huge in the 1980’s that hung with us in the 1990’s , but I grabbed a few from my personal TC collection and put together this gallery which is so cool to go back and look at but also hilarious with our hair trends and crazy clothes – (I had a Pirate shirt like Seinfeld! WTF? Lol )

Thanks for rocking with us……as we edge closer and closer to our 50th anniversary as New Jersey’s Rock Station!

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