TC With the incredibly talented Tom Keifer

TC here and this week is 80’s WEEK!!!!! On the WDHA Coffee Break. I LOVE the 80’s. There were so many fun bands and so many bands that were truly and “TOTALLY AWESOME” and yet never get the recognition they deserve.
Here are 10 of my favorite “UNDERRATED” 80’s artists ……so worth checking out and listening to them again….

  • Billy Squier

    Not a band but a major force with some of the BEST songs of the decade.
    “Don’t Say No” is a masterpiece of dynamite songs, fantastic guitar rock and 80’s attitude.
    I LOVE this guy!

  • Cinderella

    Lumped in with the hair bands, Tom Keifer and the band are so much more. One of the best hair metal bands of the decade they combined blues, metal and rock with great songs and innovative playing.

    Tom is one of the most talented guys I have ever met.

  • Loverboy

    So much more than “Working For The Weekend”, this Canadian band put out one of the greatest pop/rock records of the 80’s with “Get Lucky”- not a dud on it…..

  • Tesla

    One of the great rock bands- Killer songs, killer vocals, killer musicianship.

    Love when they get super heavy. Not even close to a flimsy hair band-

  • The Fixx

    Cy Curnin in and his band wrote beautiful songs that resonated with me.

    Deeper than the average new wave band, I LOVED going to see this band- still do- “Stand Or Fall”, “Saved By Zero”, “One Thing Leads To Another”, “Deeper and Deeper”, “Are We Ourselves”….the list goes on….so good….

  • INXS

    I debated putting them on this list because most know what a masterful front man Michael Hutchence was and what a great band they were, but I decided to include them just on the plain basis that they are AWESOME!!!!!

    Forget their most commercially successful KICK and go back to “Shabooh Shoobah” and “The Swing” and “Listen Like Thieves” and you will hear the brilliance.

    Michael- I miss you….

  • Blue Murder

    Formed in 1987 by John Sykes who had just left Whitesnake their 1989 debut featuring John, bassist Tony Franklin and drummer Carr one Appice is epic. “Riot”, “Sex Child” and “Valley Of The Kings” never got much airplay but deserved big props! “Jellyroll” was a one and done and STILL one of the most requested oh wow tunes on WDHA.


  • Kings X

    “Gretchen Goes To Nebraska” was a new sound for hard rock and metal period. Kings X makes EVER underrated list EVER. They are masterful, beautiful and amazing…..

  • Kix

    These guys are SOOOOOO much fun live and still rocking! Steve Whiteman their singer was Lzzy Hale’s vocal coach …..great vocalist, frontman and songwriter…..SO UNDERRATED!

  • Night Ranger

    “Sister Christian” made them and ruined them! Night Ranger was (and is still) a killer rock band with amazing tunes and the guitar genius of Brad Gillis- (I still have a crush on this guy!) Think they are fluff? Go see them live. Simply amazing and super happy that they are on the WDHA Rock The Park show as part of Bret Michaels Parti Gras at PNC this summer- 7/16- Be there- I’ll be stalking Brad…..

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