PARK RIDGE, IL - NOVEMBER 07: 2-Liter bottles of Vanilla Coke as seen in a grocery store November 7, 2005 in Park Ridge, Illinois. Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Co. has said it plans to discontinue its Vanilla Coke in the US by the end of the year.

We all look back fondly on our favorite snacks growing up, right?

By the looks of complaints and a wide variety of reviews posted to social media, we can see that everyone has mentioned at least one of the 14 snacks listed below.

While some have disappeared for good, these select items have made comebacks due to popular demand at some point over the years.

Now, whether they continue to sell (or not sell) these items at a store near you, is not up to us. However, it looks like your snack cabinet will have a wide variety for years to come.