The Winery Dogs Photo Credit- Joe Frazz

Terrie Carr here and I have often stated “I love a good power trio”!
There is something about an uncluttered stage, with three powerful figures making music that sounds like ten people.
Maybe it’s because of my love for Rush? Who knows? But the talent trifecta has always been appealing to me as a music fan.
Power trios also seem to stay together longer and have less drama. (Less members, less drama….makes sense I guess).
Let’s take a look at some of my fave BIG THREE’S over the years-covering many genres of rock!

  • Rush

    My favorite PT- Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and the late master Neil Peart defined my youth.
    These guys are the ultimate power trio in my eyes.

    Tom Sawyer

  • Cream

    Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker were the first power trio I remember seeing- or actually hearing as my dad had a copy of Disraeli Gears and the song “Sunshine Of Your Love” was one of my favorites growing up.

    They are often called rock’s first Super Group with members coming from other 60’s bands,  They had such a unique sound and got into the Rock Hall in 1993.  
    And I LOVE watching Ginger behind the kit!


  • The Winery Dogs

    The incredibly talented trio of Mike Portnoy (drums) , Billy Sheehan (bass) and Ritchie Kotzen (guitar) –

    Underrated, overly talented and off the charts exciting, The Winery Dogs debuted in 2012 and have been a DHA listener favorite. They are working on new music and I can’t wait.



  • The Stray Cats

    Brian Setzer, Slim Jim Phantom and Lee Rocker ruled the 80’s with their unique Rockabilly style and fun 80’s classics. Not to mention these guys are KILLER musicians. What’s not to love?

    Stray Cat Strut

  • Nirvana

    90’s icons all the way, I love Nirvana – always have. Pop- Punk – With Kurt, Krist and Dave leading the sound revolution for a new generation. The rhythm section of this band is unstoppable and severely underrated.
    I have always loved Kurt Cobain’s songwriting. Simple, classic, pissed off and beautiful.- all at the same time.



  • The Warning

    Repoping the ladies and new band, out of Monterey Mexico, The Warning is a KILLER young power trio featuring the Villarreal  sisters: Daniela, Paulina, and Alejandra.  
    One of the most talented bands I have seen emerge in the past 20 years, The Warning is absolutely tremendous.  Their latest release “ERROR” is one of my favorites of the year. I predict they will be HUGE! 


  • Motorhead

    LEMMY, LEMMY, LEMMY! Nuff said- The power metal legends have been a fave of mine since I snuck into a club to see them in the 1980’s! There is no SUBSTITUTE!
    I posted “Ace Of Spades” because it IS rebellion in a 2 and a half minute song.
    The masters.

    Ace Of Spades

  • The Police

    Sting, Stuart and Andy. SO  many brilliant songs. They were the soundtrack to my pre-teen and teen years and never get the credit they deserve for melding rock, punk, reggae and jazz.

    Message In A Bottle (live)
    Amazingly talented musicians and fantastic songwriting led to this power trio selling over 75 million records, making them one of the best selling bands of all time.


  • The James Gang

    If you have ever listened to my radio show you know what a HUGE Joe Walsh fan I am. THAT is because of The James Gang- not The Eagles.

    The James Gang recorded their first album as a Power Trio featuringJoe Walsh   (guitars, lead vocals), Tom Kriss (bass), and Jim Fox (drums) and were simply amazing. That sound is unmatched. So raw and powerful. 

    they reunited in 2022 most notably for the Taylor Hawkins tribute as Taylor was a massive fan. The James Gang ARE Rock and Roll!

    Walk Away- (Taylor Hawkins Tribute)

  • Sixx A.M.

    Nikki Sixx, James Michael and DJ Ashba are a band that started as Nikki’s side project and took on a life of their own with conceptual records and interesting songwriting. Although short lived, they managed to put out some cool sounds and announced their hiatus in 2018.

    With 5 records under their belt, they always deliver live and I hope they work together again.

    Life Is Beautiful

  • Triumph

    Rik Emmett, Mike Levine and Gil Morre have often and unfairly been called the poor man’s RUSH (probably because of their PT status and Canadian roots) but have a pop, rock, radio friendly sound with tunes like “Magic Power” (that mentions radio) , “Lay It On The Line”, “Fight The Good Fight” and more.
    Still a WDHA fan favorite.

    Lay It On The Line

  • Zebra

    Randy Jackson, Felix Hanneman and Guy Gelso have some KILLER tunes, still play live and with the original lineup.

    Zebra emerged in the 80’s and were actually compared to Zeppelin when they first signed their record deal (well they were a Zeppelin cover band!). With only 4 studio records under their belt, their tunes are amazing and still hold up and are worthy of turning to 11!

    Tell Me What You Want

  • ZZ Top

    With their signature sound, Billy’s masterful guitar and power blues, southern vibe with some of rock’s most masterful lyrics, ZZ Top is an American treasure. (and don’t forget their time;ess, unique look)

    With the same lineup intact until Dusty Hill’s 2021 death, they are the gold standard for  being the ULTIMATE power trio.

    Gimme All Your Lovin’


  • Green Day

    Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt changed the climate of punk rock in 1994 with their major label debut “Dookie”,  meshing punk with pop and owning radio from that day on.

    Still going strong , they have inspired generations to write 3 minute hits!

    Basket Case

  • Kings X

    I LOVE this band- Underrated and SO good, Kings X are such a cool trio.
    Vocalist and bassist Doug Pinnick, Drummer Jerry Gaskell and Guitarist Ty Tabor have one of the most loyal rock cult followings. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING!

    Over My Head

  • Blink- 182

    Have to give some Alternative power love here and Blink came out off California with their catchy Punk-Pop and are touring again with the original lineup.

    Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker excited a generation with their energetic performances and 50 million in album sales! (And their new tune “Edging” heard on DHA doesn’t disappoint)

    All The Small Things